How to Disable Flash Content in Microsoft’s Edge Browser in Windows 10

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Your favorite browsers, Chrome and Firefox now block Flash content on web pages (at least some) by default for security reasons, but this does not apply if you are using Microsoft’s new Edge browser in Windows 10. Microsoft’s Edge is the fastest browser out there and easy to configure everything.

If you are new to Microsoft’s Edge browser and want to disable Flash content in Edge, read on to know how it is. It is very easy to configure Edge’s settings to stop Flash posing a security risk or annoying you with loud adverts.

How to disable Flash Content in Edge

1. Open Edge and tap or click the ‘three dots’ icon in the top-right corner of the browser.

2. Tap or click Settings, scroll down and select ‘View advanced settings’.

3. Switch the ‘Use Adobe Flash Player’ option to Off. You can also block pop-ups here.

Hope this simple tip will help you prevent any security risk by Flash content while using your favorite Edge Browser.

How to Replace Bing Search with Google Search in Windows 10 Cortana Search

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As all Windows 10 users know, the new OS features a brand new search box within the task bar accompanied by Microsoft’s virtual assistant Cortana. The new search box allows you to search for files and apps on your computer, as well as search for websites on the internet. For internet searching, Windows 10 uses Microsoft’s Bing Search engine, but many users like Google search engine.

How to Enable Dark Mode in Windows 10

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Windows 10 will be launched on July 29 and it will be free for Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 users. One of the many new features of Windows 10 is the ‘dark mode’, but it is not available for common users for certain reasons. However, there is a simple workaround to enable dark mode in Windows 10.

How to Remove Your Name Badge from Google Chrome

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In the recent Chrome update, you might have noticed your name badge button appeared next to minimize, maximize, and close buttons of the Google Chrome window. Clicking on this lets you switch to other user (if multiple users sign into Chrome on your computer); otherwise, there is not much use with this option.

How to Fix Drive Partition is Missing/Drive is Locked Error in Windows 8

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In this tutorial, I will show a simple method to fix “a required drive partition is missing” or “drive where Windows is installed is locked” errors in Windows 8/8.1. These errors usually occur when you trying to perform a system reset or refresh in Windows 8/8.1. This kind of errors might be because of corrupt MBR or BCD record.

Make Your PC More Responsive With Clean Master

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Clean Master, one of the top junk cleaning and system-optimizing apps for Android has released a PC version with all the cleaning abilities. It lets you speed up your PC by cleaning system cache, browser cache, junk related to media files, software, outdated registry entries and other obsolete files at easy. It is fast and simple to use.

Lock and Unlock Your Computer Using a USB Flash Drive

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Various methods are available for protecting a computer from unauthorized access under a working environment. USB Raptor is a new tool and as it name implies it uses a USB flash drive to lock and unlock a computer. Your computer is locked once a specific USB drive is removed and unlocks it when the drive is plugged in again to any USB port.