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Popular online virus scanners

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Online virus scanners are useful when you suspect that your computer has infected a virus or malware and your antivirus program failed to detect it or if you want to check your computer with another virus engine. Following are some of the most efficient, fast and completely free online scanners. Remember, most of these online virus scanners require Internet Explorer with ActiveX enabled. All are indexed in alphabetical order
1. Bitdefender Online Scanner
2. CA Security advisor
3. Dr. web Online Scanner
4. Eset Online Scanner (NOD32)
5. F-secure Online Scanner
6. Iolo threat center
7. Kaspersky online scanner
8. Macafe Virus scanner
9. Norton online scanner
10. Onecare – (Microsoft)
11. Panda Active Scan
13. Trend micro house call
14. Virus total (scans using 32 virus engines)


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5 Response to "Popular online virus scanners"
venkat said...
5:04 PM, October 24, 2008  

Yes Online scanners will check for viruses and they can not delete that's downside of them .

JK said...
11:05 AM, October 25, 2008  

That's right Venkat, bu it is useful when your anti-virus program failed to detect a particualr virus and a number of specific virus removal tools are freely available for download from most of the security software developers you can use any of them.

Anonymous said...
12:49 AM, January 02, 2009  

Knowing whether or not your machine has a virus is immensely useful information. If the results are negative, then you are in the clear. If they are positive, then you know you have to find the fix.

glenn said...
11:54 PM, July 22, 2011  

with all due respect jk, venkat, I use eset for my cusomers more than any and it WILL remove any infections found, as did bitdefender tho now they only seem to have the 'quick scan' available .. another alternative is to download the free boot cd's that most of the above have available, again they remove infections and have the added bonus of doing outside a windows environment. One other item I find really useful is the Vipre resuce.. again its downloadable and updates everyday.

JK said...
1:34 PM, July 24, 2011  

@glenn, thanks about all.

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