Kaspersky antivirus offline updates utility for download

The update utility from Kaspersky is designed to download updates for any Kaspersky Lab’s applications (antivirus, internet security, etc) installed on your computer for manual updates. Before you could only be configured and launched the update through the command prompt. Now the GUI version has been developed to simplify the updates.

Using this application is simple. Just download the GUI version (325Kb) from here and unzip it in a folder and run the file KasperskyUpdater.exe. Configure the options using the GUI and click start to launch the CLI downloader.

Once downloaded the updates, you can be save it onto a flash-carrier, in a local folder or network folder connected as a disc to the computer file system. The offline update method is available here.

The Kaspersky Universal Updater only downloads differential updates on subsequent runs; once the initial updates are downloaded subsequent runs will only download a few Kb of files.


  1. can the updates be used to update the kav livecd?

  2. I don't think currently there is a way for manual updating the KAV LiveCD?

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  4. i bought a new computer and now it's blocking my kaspersky 2009. is there a way to fix this. i don't know what version i have,so i down loaded every patch i could find for 2009 and it still don't work?


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