PaperBus-free & fast web proxy solution for anonymous internet surfing

There are several free proxy solutions available for downloading (we had covered few of them in the previous posts), but from my personal experience most of them are very slow in my country.

If you are looking for a free, fast and reliable proxy solution for anonymous surfing, Here is a new multi-platform application, PaperBus (ad-supported) which lets you surf anonymously and bypass internet filters.

Paper bus (brought you by Open Terrace Ltd the same company that made commercial proxy service Freedur) is very easy to use. Simply install, and run. No registration required.

The only down side is there will be an ad web browser tab popping up in every twenty minutes while you are using it.

Another interesting feature of PaperBus is that you can create a list of websites you don't want to surf through PaperBus.

PaperBus is compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux systems. Download appropriate version from here. (via)


  1. A Great News!Thank you!

  2. Yes indeed that yellow color bar looks so familiar. Firefox Addon used in Freedur/PaperBus is stolen from Skydur/Stackfile Corp. which represents copyright infringement.

    Furthermore Freedur is illegal and Chris Mathews is sued, for more information look here -

    OpenTerrace LTD (formerly StackFile LTD) is a very shady China based company. Don't mix StackFile LTD (China) and StackFile Corp (California).

    Do you really believe in 'free anonymity' on the internet ? They collect your data and sell to third party agencies. Maybe China Government too ???

  3. @Anonymous,
    Thanks for the information. Actually I was unaware of such issues with the developer.

    As a new, free product find on the internet which shows better result (I mean speed for this tool) encouraged me to post about it here.

    And about free anonymity, certainly they can collect users data, if they wish.


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