How to Change Chrome’s Default Regional Search Engine to

By default, Google Chrome will redirect you to regional search result page if you perform search from Chrome’s omnibar or address bar. Would you like to change it to a more generic version of Google search result page, that is, to Here is how it is.

Right click on Chrome’s address bar and choose “Edit Search Engines” or just enter chrome://settings/searchEngines in to the Chrome’s address bar and hit Enter.

Here, under ‘default search option’, you will see your regional version of the Google search engine has been set as your default search engine.

To make international Google (i.e. as your default search engine, under ‘Other search engines’ option do as described below.

In ‘Add new search engine’ box, enter Google Int, in ‘Keyword’ box, enter and in the ‘URL with query....’ box, copy and paste the following URL (without quote): “”, then hit Enter (see screenshot above).

To make this new search engine to your default search engine, just hover your mouse over it and click ‘Make Default’ button.

That’s all. You have successfully changed your Chrome’s default regional search engine to Google international search engine.

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