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How to Enable Start Menu in Windows 8 Without Third Party Tool

Monday, December 17, 2012

Windows 8 desktop has no Start Button to access start menu, as we all know. Because Windows 8 is designed with touch in mind, Microsoft introduced a new touch-friendly Start Screen in Windows 8, from where users can quickly access the content they need the most on their computer. However, many people still longing for a classic start menu to Windows 8.

There are several third-party tools available to bring Start Button as well as start menu to Windows 8 desktop and I had mentioned several of them in previous posts. Here is a simple way to get Start menu in Windows 8 without any software program.

In Windows 8, open Windows Explorer, click view tab, and then enable “Hidden items” and close the Explore window.

Right click the taskbar and select Toolbar – New Toolbar. It’ll bring a folder selection window. Select the hard drive from the left pane and go to: C – ProgramData – Microsoft – Windows - Start Menu – Programs.

Select it and add it as a toolbar. It appears on the right of the taskbar. Right click the taskbar and un-tick the “Lock the taskbar” option. Drag the placeholder handle to the left of the taskbar.

Lock the taskbar again by right clicking. To open start menu, just click the little arrow next to it to bring the Start menu. [Via – Techtrickz.com]


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1 Response to "How to Enable Start Menu in Windows 8 Without Third Party Tool"
MWH said...
7:48 PM, December 30, 2012  

thanks for the effort but it's not the same. unfortunately MS dropped the ball with Windows 8.

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