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High resolution Windows 7 Ultimate theme pack and wallpaper for download

Likes to have a new theme and wallpaper for your Windows 7? Redmond Pie has created a theme pack for Windows 7 based on the high resolution wallpapers created by Zawir Rahim. Named ‘Windows 7 Ultimate theme pack’, this theme pack gives you one-click ease of installation and configuration of high resolution wallpaper with the right glass color for Windows Aero

Just download and unzip the theme pack and double click on the theme to activate it.

If you like to have a new Windows 7 RTM wallpapers for your desktop, a Devinantart user, spain08 has created the RTM wallpaper (1920×1200 resolution) and is available for free download.Download Windows 7 Ultimate Theme Pack and Windows 7 RTM Wallpaper.