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Thunderbird 3 Lets Anybody to Setup an Email Account Without Knowing IMAP, POP3, SSL, TLS settings

Mozilla has just released its new, open source email client Thunderbird 3. Now it is better than ever with a whole new bunch of features like message archiving, tabbed email, new search feature and security.

One notable feature of this new release is that anyone can setup an email account without any knowledge of those IMAP, POP3, SSL or TLS settings. Just give your email account and password, Thunderbird 3 will do the rest.

With a clutter free and clean interface, Thunderbird 3 is a worthy successor. This new release certainly will change your email experience. You can read complete features here.

Download Thunderbird 3 / Portable Thunderbird 3


  1. I am sure it will change my email experience!

  2. I've been using Thunderbird for years. Never had so much trouble as I am having attempting to setup ver. 3. It will not allow me to use my pop3 server. It insists upon imap. Spent hours trying to configure the thing. Too much trouble. I am now using Eudora and will check back with the Thunderbird website in a few months, once the geek community has ironed out the bugs.

  3. Yeah it's a peice of crap, want let me set it to pop3 either.

  4. I have used Thunderbird for years, but it's webmail for me from now on. I can't subscribe to my IMAP folders, so Thunderbird 3 is a complete waste of space and time. It should never have been released.

  5. Agreed... stupid automatic mail set-up nonsense, I just want to add an account manually but it insists on choosing IMAP not POP3.

  6. Hey,

    The interface of Thunderbird is interesting and will surely improve the experience of users. However, there are some bugs.

    One issue I'm having is that Thunderbird does not connect to my account (on Google Apps) using IMAP. Has anyone faced the same problem? If yes has it been resolved and how?

    Thanks in advance.

  7. Not happy with the version 3, imap problems where my sent items never seem to be stored properly, it's in combination with windows 7 annoying slow and busy doing stuff indexing all the time. No improvement, have to switch now to a working email client. I used to love Thunderbird so this is a loss for me.

  8. Yeah, you have to disconnect from the internet to choose POP - pretty crappy imo.

  9. Right! In order to set a POP3 account in Thunderbird v3.0, please disable all Internet connectivity to fool the Program that it can't connect.

  10. what a P.O.S compared to v2.
    Thanks to wonderful auto-setup it automatically set itself up to IMAP and syncronisation.
    So it has been happily deleting emails, which v3 is deleting from gmail server as well despite the obtuse options appearing being set to not do this
    Upshot is 1000+ emails gone forever....I am not amused with mozilla

  11. To overcome the problem and configure your server as POP:

    Delete the bogus account definition
    Tools > Account Settings > Acount Actions > Remove Account

    Then add a new account.
    Account Actions > Add Mail Account > (Enter your details)

    After you click Continue then on the next dialog immediately click Stop before it has a chance to try to configure your server settings automatically.

    Set the server type to POP.

  12. PLEASE tell me how to get Thunderbird to be POP 3. I inadvertently let it do auto set up on the new computer - no matter how much I uninstall/delete folders/change registry/virtual store, it still automatically shows the old e-mail address and IMAP which I do not want.
    Please help!
    send an e-mail if you can with steps

  13. Thunderbird 3 lost me as a years long user (used it from the beginning) because of this IMAP issue. TB3 = POS

  14. What a disaster! If you use POP mail, DO NOT upgrade to ver 3! Not only could I not get it to work, it erased all of my previous email. At least I had profile backups - it took me 30 minutes to uninstall 3, re-install 2 and then restore the profile.

  15. Well, it's bood-bye. I give up. I'm not partial to any mail client. Now on to Claws.

  16. What a piece of garbage! Thunderbird 2 was losing (deleting) my email accounts so I thought Mozilla might have fixed this problem in a newer version. Well they fixed it alright, now nothing works. Does anyone know of an email client that actually works?

  17. I have been using T'bird almost since it started and wish I could help but I'm forced to agree - this auto setup just STINKS.
    Why oh why do people insist on 'improving' things to the point they are useless?
    I have the inverse problem, because some of the users on one of my accounts are POP3 and some IMAP it insists on setting up POP3 and not IMAP.
    Please, please stop this 'make it simple so anyone can do it' without, at least, giving us the option to turn it off!
    Ditto 'Smart Folders'

  18. POS. I've spent hours trying to configure Thunderbird3 and it still doesn't work. I was able to find a thread on which helps you set it up for POP3 but my account still doesn't work.

  19. I've been using Thunderbird 2 exclusively for years. Now I tried to setup an IMAP mail account manually and... gave up. It insists on sending the wrong username to the wrong server (guessed from my mail address).

    Conclusion : Thunderbird 3 is an unusable piece of crap.

    Cheers from the sunny South of France.

  20. I am afraid I agree with the others - I am a T/B fan, but since the upgrade I have had nothing but problems from the charity staff I support. All down to the automatic IMAP setup. If you can fool it and ensure POP3 is selected all will be OK - But its not quite that easy. Deleting the account and resetting up, 'catching' it before it autodetects IMAP is almost doomed to failure. I have not tried disconnecting from the I/N first - I will try that. PLEASE if anyone with any powers over updating T/B 3, Can we please have a button that says 'automatic set up' or 'Manual set up' with no presumed requirement for automatic.


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