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Jkwebtalks most popular in January 2009

Did you miss anything in January 2009 on Jkwebtalks? Here is a list with the popular articles posted during the past month.

1. Titan Backup for Free: An easy-to-use and complete solution, designed for secure backups of all your important files

2. Download E-book Ubuntu Pocket Guide and Reference for free: This E-book explains the essentials of day-to-day Ubuntu administration in a very simple manner.

3. Find out how virus infects your computer?: Simple program for checking your computer security against viruses, spyware and hackers.

4. Internet Explorer 8 RC1 for download: IE8 new version with many security features such as InPrivate Browsing, Smart Screen, InPrivate Filtering, etc

5. Remove hidden data from your MS Office 2003 / XP documents: Official add-on for Microsoft Office 2003 and XP for removing meta data (hidden personal information)

6. Discover hidden objects from your computer: ESET SysInspector is free, portable tool for inspecting your computer for any possible threats

7. Protect your PC from virus infection through USB pen drive: One of the main causes of virus infection is careless use of pen drives (USB sticks). A free tool for preventing infection through pen drives

8. Clickmeter: A free service for monitoring clicks on your links. It allows you to check how many users are clicking on a particular link, how many times they click,etc

9. Lavaoft 10th Anniversary edition: Lavasoft released an anniversary edition (2009 marks their 10th anniversary) of their world's most popular anti-spyware, Ad-Aware, which is available for free download.

10. A new service to scan webpage link for possible threats

11. Find out how hackers steal your personal information: Usually malicious programs transfer sensitive data from your computer to the hackers through the open ports of your system…

12. Get all information about Mozilla product and service from one centralized location at Lizard Feeder

13. Back up all important files automatically: FBackup is an automatic backup software for Windows which is very useful for saving important data from losing because of a hard disk failure, system crashes or virus infection

14. Beware of fake CNN news site: A fake news site looks like CNN, installs malicious codes on your computer.

15. SafeSpace: An internet security product which isolates your favorite internet applications such as Web browser, Instant Messengers and File sharing applications in a virtual sandbox and prevents Malwares

16. Identity Finder now available for free: Identity Finder is a security program that will find out unprotected instances of passwords, credit card or debit card numbers and other personal information that existed without your knowledge in files and hidden areas of your computer

17. A complete Windows 7 Transformation pack for Windows XP:

18. A browser Security Hand book from Google for free download

19. Parallels Workstation fro free: Parallels Workstation is an easy to use, powerful virtualization software (like VMWare) that lets you run multiple operating system side-by-side on a single PC without rebooting.

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